Take only photos, knowledge and memories
Leave only footprints, respect and gratitude


As far back as I can remember I have had the desire to travel. As a young woman I traveled in my birth-country Canada, then, in the United States - my adopted-country - and on occasion Europe. And, of course I always had a camera in hand.

Thousands of photographs and years later, I embarked on my first "overseas adventure" to China and Tibet. That trip hightened my passion for travel and resulted in my establishing a pattern of taking an "overseas adventure" every year.

Since then, I have been sufficiently fortunate to have visited all the continents and numerous countries, 
I have shared my adventures with others and - using photographs and words - tried to convey how, although the lives of people in other cultures differ from ours, there is a basic sameness in love of family, desire for safety and drive to achieve a comfortable environment in which to live in all of us. I believe there is significance to having knowledge of and, perhaps, a better understanding of other cultures.

As a travel photographer, I am very eclectic in subject matter. I photograph what catches my eye - what intriques me - what makes me say, "oh wow!"

Currently, I am partnering with Pulitzer Winning photographer, Essdras M Suarez, to develop Photo Adventures to introduce folks to other parts of the world while they receive guideance on how to take fabulous photos.